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Parent/Guardian-please always check "Morning Announcements" to stay up-to-date on announcements your child hears each morning at LEMS AND check LEMS Calendar for up-coming dates events. 
Deadline to guarantee your yearbook! If you haven’t already ordered your yearbook, to guarantee a copy, please order by Feb. 3rd.  You can pick up an order form in the front office or order online.
CSU is hosting a Girls Who Code Club, which is about computer coding, no prior programming experience is necessary. They plan on doing a project that combines web technology and Python programming starting next Tuesday, Jan. 24th from 6:00 to 7:40 pm at CSU. Please come to the office to pick up more information. 

Parents: please help remind your student of LEMS policies of some key expectations in the cafeteria during lunch that we are reinstating again since we've started the second semester, (we were letting students stay in if remained seated-but there became too much "not listening to staff")  Be prepared with coats to go outside when you go to lunch, and remember that no food or drinks of any kind are allowed outside. Make certain you are cleaning up after yourselves and helping clean up at the table you are at. When you are finished eating, you need to go outside, and you should not be returning inside until the bell rings indicating the end of lunch. If we require you to stay inside due to the weather, you must stay seated. Thank you. 

*PLEASE make sure all of your information in your Parent Portal account/s is correct. We receive a high number of notices back from emails sent to parents stating they are “un-deliverable.” Email is an avenue LEMS uses frequently to communicate important information to our parent/guardians. If you have a change of address-please contact our Registrar, Shelly Aragon @ 970-613-7616 since address changes are the only item you cannot edit in your Parent Portal account. Thank you! To set up a Portal Account go to: LEMS main web page, right side EXPLORE tab, “Our School”, Parent Portal: Description & Help.


*Hello Parents/Guardians!
Please read the following information to help you navigate through the first week of the new school year here at LEMS. As many of you have already noticed, the Thompson School District  has a new website face so things are found in different places on LEMS website this year.

1. The majority of your questions can be answered on our main web page by clicking on the right side tab "EXPLORE"/OUR SCHOOL.  It contains all of the information you will need to know regarding policies/procedures. On the main webpage click on "EVENTS" for LEMS calendar of events. 

2. "Stay Tuned In" is a NEW important new document for Parent/Guardians-updated DAILY for you to stay informed of immediate news here at LEMS. It is located on LEMS website/Explore Tab (right side)/Our School/Stay Tuned In. This document will list day-to-day communications TO PARENTS.   

3. PLEASE print off the new updated version of LEMS Student Handbook. Again, it is located on LEMS website/Explore Tab (right side)/Our School/ Student Handbook. It contains detailed information regarding our NEW/REVISED policies/procedures for 2016-17 and will ANSWER A LOT OF YOUR QUESTIONS.

4. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR STUDENT ALWAYS HAS MONEY IN THEIR LUNCH ACCOUNTS. In Middle School chips and drinks are offered for purchase which can reduce their account balances. To create a lunch account-go to the Thompson District main web page-follow the link “Nutritional Services” under POPULAR  tab on the right side.

5. Your assigned bus will always be in its same line-up position out in front of LEMS.
Example: Bus # 1088 is ALWAYS parked in 2nd Bus Position, Bus # 1045 is ALWAYS parked in 7th Bus position.  (The new bus routes & line-up are on LEMS website:EXPLORE/Our School/Bus Transportation.
If a student is in doubt, they can always ask the driver..."are you going to such-and-such corner". The driver is always happy to help! 

6. Student Schedules/Student Agendas: Changes will be allowed to be made through tomorrow, Friday, 8-26. Students will purchase their Student Agenda’s the first day/week of school from their core classroom teachers. The cost is $5.00 each.

7. School fees are now posted to your Parent Portal accounts. Fees are due between now and by October 3rd. You can pay at LEMS w/ cash or check, or on-line by credit card on the Thompson District main web page at the following address 

8. PE Clothing fee is paid directly to your student's PE teacher. Their PE teacher will explain the cost and process during their PE time. 

Quick view of Calendar of Events:

Thank you!

LEMS Administration & Staff